so this last weekend nicolaus and i took a little road trip with the newlyweds mr. & mrs. davis. we drove down to california so we could go to our beautiful friend, courtney's baptism. she is one of the sweetest and genuinely kind people i know and the lds church is lucky to have her as our newest member! 

we had quite a few adventures while we were down there. we spent most of friday visiting with family and friends. i met so many great people when i spent basically my entire summer at kerry's house last year, so it's always fun to see and catch up with them. friday night we went to mormon night at the dodger's baseball game. i'd never been to a professional baseball game before, so it was fun to go to one. my favorite parts were eating a hot dog at a real baseball game (like they do in the movies) and the fireworks show they had at the end! (actual baseball is only vaguely interesting...haha)

saturday morning was courtney's baptism, and the whole service was awesome. there was such a good feeling in the room and i'm so excited for her to be a member. afterwards we went to lunch then laid out and lounged around the pool all afternoon. it was also kerry's sister-in-law, kristen's birthday so that night we went out to dinner and a movie. here are a few photos from our trip: 

1. kerry kept us entertained on our drive down
2. cuddling with gracie
3. chickens in the tub. russell and kristen just invested in those two.
4. dodgers parking
5. first fireworks of the summer
6. we stopped at a ghost town on our way home
7. i got him