lately, it seems like every time i finish reading a book i have a new favorite one.
well it just happened again. but i really mean it this time. really. 
catcher in the rye just might be my all-time favorite.

*funny story #1:
when nicolaus and i first started dating one of our conversations was all about our favorite books, and one of the ones he mentioned was catcher in the rye. i'd never read it before and have always wanted to, and i just got around to buying a nice hardback edition (at nick's request) and reading it. and loving it.

funny story #2:
right after i bought my copy i got a text from my friend beth asking me if i owned it. because she had just read it for school, but left her copy in canada and she needed it to write a report. when i told her i had just bought it and planned on reading it soon and i asked her if she liked it, she replied with: "to be honest, not really! it was just too edgy for me. but lots of people have loved it. i could maybe see you liking it just because it reminds me of a movie you would like haha..." she knows me too well. i did like it. and i really would love to see a well-done movie version of this book.

so... why i loved it: it was really clever and it reminded me a bit of the perks of being a wallflower (another favorite of mine), just set in a different time period. and a bit more cynical. and it had a whole lotta great quotes, just like this one:

*this story's not actually funny. sorry.

p.s. i just finished two finals and am a bit burned out, so if this post makes absolutely no's not you. it's me.

p.p.s. did i mention that i loved reading catcher in the rye?