last week i went up with the hub + a few friends (kerry, austin, nicole and kody to be exact) to climb up american fork canyon. between working and the heat and having class until six monday-thursday it had been quite a few weeks since i've been able to go climb. so i was pretty worried about forgetting how to. especially considering i didn't really know what i was doing in the first place..i had just gotten used to the feeling of it before my unplanned hiatus from the sport. but once i actually got on the wall i felt pretty good about it. and realized how much i missed it. i may not be anywhere close to being as good as all my outdoorsy friends, but it has become a favorite hobby of mine. i lugged nick's massive camera pack up a very steep trail (which just about did me in), but i think it was worth it. i got a couple good shots that i just got around to uploading onto my enjoy: