it's been quite the weekend. 

nicolaus and i drove up to mud lake, idaho on friday morning. 
we spent the day there hanging out with friends from his lds mission. it was such a nice day filled with visiting the county fair, so many cute puppies, homemade mini donuts, watching a rodeo, and lots of laughter.

saturday morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast pizza, orange rolls, and fresh peaches. then the boys went to play a game of football while i stayed back and chatted with the ladies. and let me tell you just how much i love the people from nick's mission. a lot. they are some of the sweetest people i know. plus mud lake has all the charm you'd expect from a small town.

when the boys got back from their game they were fully drenched with sweat and ready to go for a swim in the canal. so nicolaus and i went downstairs to change and i checked my phone for the first time that day. turns out that my family was having a bit of a crisis back home. i was a bit shaken up and nicolaus and i realized we needed to get back to provo and be there with them. so our trip was cut short as we said our goodbyes and rushed home. it's been a tough couple of days but i think everything's been for the best and hopefully it can all get sorted out and i am just so grateful to have such a level-headed and comforting husband through it all.