last night grace and jean threw their annual valentine's themed heart-shaped pizza party. grace and jean throw some pretty good annual parties, but this one is particularly special for me and nicolaus. because a few years back when we went to it, it was our first official date :) i think there was something in the water that night because it was about 8 of the 10 couples there ending up marrying each other!

this year was definitely another success story. it was night filled with good friends, lot of laughter (if you can't already tell from the chaotic group photo...), and some deeelicious pizza. nicolaus and i went the adventurous route and made a chicken tikka masala pizza. tikka masala is my very favorite type curry and is now one of my very favorite types of pizza. it turned out soo well. 

this is how we made it:

put a healthy dose of butter mixed with chopped garlic onto 
our dough and baked it for about ten mins.

generously spread pre-mixed tikka masala sauce all over the crust.

layered it with pieces of chicken, then mozzerella and feta cheese, 
and topped it off with some more chicken, fresh basil and coarse sea salt. 

put it back in the oven for about 15 minutes.

and ate ourselves silly :)