+ eating: crunchy speculoos. trader joe's sells it labeled as cookie butter and it is deeelicious on waffles. but i've also started putting it on toast because it's just that good. and has less fat than peanut butter! win win situation.

+ reading: on the road by jack kerouac. 

+ watching: i've watched 3 pretty amazing movies in the last week...the breakfast club, inglorious basterds and moulin rouge. all classics.

+ listening: i cannot stop listening to the cults self-titled album. every. single. song. is. so. good.

+ wearing: i keep waking up about ten minutes before i need to be at school...which leaves me enough time to throw on leggings, a denim shirt (that's right, denim. why does everyone keep calling them chambray??), a jacket, and boots. give or take a beanie/scarf.

+ thinking: i really ought to fold my laundry. but blogging is more fun.

+ learning: since the beginning of this semester i feel like i've been on a photoshop/illustrator/indesign crash course that has not slowed down. because apparently if you're going into graphic design you have to be tech savvy..who knew??

+ loving: the free fonts at this website.