so i have this problem. one where i want to spend every dollar i own on movies.
going to the movies, renting from redbox, subscribing to netflix, buying dvds...don't even get me started
on the $5 dvd bin at walmart. it may one day cause me to declare bankruptcy but until then i am
going to keep fueling my obsession and enjoy every minute of it.

here are a few of my all-time favorite films. some to make you laugh. some to make you cry. and
some to make you want to quit everything and hitchhike across the country...

+ the breakfast club
+ one flew over the cuckoo's nest
+ into the wild
+ the wedding singer
+ v for vendetta 
+ the life aquatic of steve zissou
+ benny & joon
+ roman holiday
+ the fiddler of the roof
+ pretty woman
+ meet joe black
+ forest gump
+ chitty chitty bang bang
+ django
+ rome, open city
+ 10 things i hate about you
+ fighter
+ moulin rouge
+ willy wonka & the chocolate factory

p.s. you can find a lot more of my movie/tv favorites here if you'd like :)
p.p.s. and what are some of your favorite films??