n i c k ' s  f a m i l y  h i s t o r y  1 0 1: 
nick's mom was born and raised in utah, but moved to california when she was out of the house. nick's dad was born and raised in denmark and came to work in california one summer but instead ended up meeting/marrying nick's mom, and staying in the u.s. they raised their family and stayed in southern california until the summer after nicolaus graduated high school. they found a house just north of salt lake in syracuse - near to work and relatives and have been there ever since. 

syracuse is just over an hour away from provo (where nicolaus and i live), which makes it the perfect distance to ditch all responsibilities/obligations and disappear every weekend we get the chance to. i always come back to real life feeling refreshed after our weekends in syracuse. plus it helps that i looove nick's family. i was always nervous about getting in-laws from horror stories everyone always seems to be spewing, but i seriously hit the jackpot. they are so much fun and feel like we've been family forever. i feel so soo lucky to have them in my life.

aaanyways this last weekend we spent the weekend up there and it was wonderful. we lay by the pool, ate way too many ice cream cones, went boating (witnessed the world's most MAGICAL sunset - there was absolutely no editing done to that sunset photo. it was even worth the 19 mosquito bites i acquired. and that's not an exaggeration...unfortunately. i counted), played with our niece, watched some great movies and did some much needed lounging. it felt exactly the way summer should :)