Thursday, July 25, 2013

my internship + free fonts.

i've been interning at sycamore street press over the summer and have been absolutely loving it. every single thing they create is so lovely. and so are the people i work with! i've been learning so so much from them. i've also been doing a little guest blogging for them about a few design how-to's. and decided to share one of the posts with links to some free fonts that i love on my own blog. so i hope you enjoy! :)

01. artistica
02. basic
03. the only exception
04. blackout
05. mossy
06. blake
07. quand tu n'es pas la
08. matchbook
09. peach milk
10. devlose
11. brain flower
12. desdemonda
13. rainfall black


  1. blake is one of my most favorite fonts to use! i love free fonts

  2. LOVEEE! "peach milk" looks rebellious and fun. love it :)

  3. ooh! i love cute fonts. especially FREE cute fonts!

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  5. Okay, I had no idea you were interning for Sycamore Street Press! I'm at BYU-I and my book binding teacher taught me how to use the letterpress. We were talking about Sycamore Street Press for a while... such creative/amazing products!! Have you had a chance to use the letterpress there? Let's make our own little letterpress business; or at least make stuff together ;)

    1. no way it seriously blows my mind what a small world it is! ha they really are the best company with the best people and everything they make it amazing!! i don't do any letterpress for them but i did have a letterpress school project and i fell one hundred percent in LOVE with it. so yesss please i would be all for our own little letterpress company! :)

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    1. thank you so much! what an incredibly nice compliment :)

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