Tuesday, August 6, 2013

on the second day we found petroglyphs.

the rest of the family reunion was spent lounging, playing washers (a game that i think only exists in southern utah), shooting bow and arrows, golfing, popsicle eating, swimming and exploring.

this particular spot photographed above was cool because not only did it have this massive rock that was worth crossing a muddy river for because it made you feel like you were on the lion king or something...but when we saw a rock climbing sling up above us we decided to hike up further to see if there were any bolted routes above us... 

and in the process mo spotted a PETROGLYPH! a real authentic one - we even described and checked with our clever archeologist nerd friends to make sure :) i kinda wish any of us had a phone or camera to take a photo of it, but it was probably for the best we didn't because it was difficult enough getting ourselves down in one piece...ha but really it was quite the adventure and reminded me why i love utah :)


  1. LOVE your pictures!!Looks like a lot of fun! Breakfast club soon girl! Xo.

  2. wow! how exciting! love the photos

  3. what the freak is a petroglyph? i have no idea. but anyway, i love these pictures and you're great!