saturday morning nicolaus went fishing again, went to work, then that night we went out to dinner with my family. afterwards we had a cozy, movie night with my brother and sister-in-law.

sunday was nick's ACTUAL birthday. haha i was so excited to wake up a little early to make him his real birthday breakfast, throw up a few decorations and finally give him his gifts! he was so happy and appreciative and adorable and i loved it. then we went to church, came home and lounged around eating treats from australia, watching saturday night live reruns, and facetimed my sister's family (our 3-year-old niece sung happy birthday to nicolaus and it was so cute i almost died).

then we went up to my parent's house where everyone helped make a big birthday dinner and cake. there was lots of birthday singing and present opening and food eating and game playing and loud talking and it all felt very celebratory. by the end of the night nicolaus assured me that he felt sufficiently loved and spoiled :)