ten things we can do to be happier this week:

1// wake up (or go to sleep) ten minutes earlier (or later) to write in your journal everyday.

2// go outside. whether it's a walk around your neighborhood or you pitch a tent and camp in your backyard - go outside. it clears your head and refreshes your body.

3// put off a chore (like folding laundry or washing your car) to watch that movie you've been dying to see.

4// don't check any social media for an entire day. that's no instagram, pinterest, blogging or anything of the sort. focus on enjoying the present.

5// try eating at least one healthy thing with every meal. something full of vitamins or minerals that will brighten your eyes and clear your skin.

6// reconnect with an old friend or family member. whether it's a 3 hour telephone conversation or getting lunch - make something happen.

7// go shopping in your own closet. this may involve a little spring cleaning - but dig out something long forgotten and it will feel brand new.

8// break a sweat at least three times. there's no better feeling than pushing yourself further than you think you can go.

9// forgo time on facebook or other time-suckers to spend that time reading a new book.

10// say thank you. people often are oblivious to ways they've inspired or helped you. go out of your way to say thank you and let them know they did something good.

anybody else have happiness secrets they care to share? :)