"a few nice words can help a person a lot more than you think." simple, but true words i saw on pinterest that i liked a lot.

i've been meaning to make a post like this for awhile now, and with it being the month of thanksgiving i figured now was the time. i just want everyone that has left sweet comments to know how much i love them. i hardly ever directly reply because i think you don't get notified or see it if i do - and someone please correct me if i'm wrong - but just know that they always make me smile and i usually poke nicolaus to show him "how nice is that!" so, thank you. thank you. thank you.

blogging is such strange thing when you think about it. i know when i think about it too hard it kinda freaks me out and scares me how easy i'm making it for people to judge or make fun of me - no hard feelings if you have, i do it to myself too when i look back on certain posts ;) and sometimes i feel like i just keep waiting for some elusive internet bully to step in and say something hurtful but so far i've just gotten the nicest, most heartwarming comments from people. it blows my mind how kind people are and makes me so happy to feel that positive energy going around in this crazy cyber space!

especially because as women (and any men out there too that may be reading this...i guess just people in general) we tend to tear ourselves down enough. and i fully believe that the kinder and more forgiving you are to other people, the easier you'll find it to be kind and forgiving to yourself. and vice versa. and that is one happy, healthy cycle to get yourself into.

and if nobody reading this gets anything from my ramblings just know that i really appreciate all the nice thoughts and words that have been shared on this bloggity blog of mine :)