+ dinner group with kerry, austin, brittany, grayson and the two babes cedar and everett. last year we had dinner group once a week, but for some reason this school semester has been so chaotic for everyone that they've been few and far between. but it's so fun to take a break and catch up with good friends over some good food that i really want to reinstate weekly dinner groups. 

+ went to the eye doctor cause this girl needs some glasses so i can actually know what's happening on the board in class/read road signs when i'm driving.
+ snowboarding with nicolaus, abigayle and mo. the first few laps were pretty scary with my dilated eyes making me pretty blind and all haha...but they went back to normal soon enough and i even attempted a box! which only resulted in a lot of terrified screaming, smashing my tailbone/head, some whip lash, a few choice words (sorry mom), then some laughing at how ridiculous i had probably looked. but nicolaus assured me that if i hadn't psyched myself out at the end and tried to go on my edge i definitely could have landed it. thank goodness for supportive hubs to make you feel slightly less idiotic :)
+ nick's uncle had a heart attack last week - which was terrifying and he had to have 3 surgeries and stay in the ICU for a few days...but luckily, everything lined up and it was all able to work out and he's back at home now recovering. but we did visit him at the hospital and are so happy that he's doing so much better. we all got quite the shock and were reminded at how fragile life is.
+ while we were up in salt lake we meandered around the sale section at urban outfitters and i definitely ended up stripping down to only my ninja suit to try stuff on in the middle of the store...haha but it was a lot of fun and the hubs was the best sport and was even the one picking out most of the stuff - i have to say that boy does have the best taste.
+ drove home and went to dinner at pantrucas. it's the BEST little chilean restaurant in provo and i recommend it to anyone in the area - and be sure to order one of their fresh juices. and some empanadas. don't forget the empanadas. 
+ then we went to the gym with abigayle and mo for the sole purpose of sitting in the hot tub/sauna to rest our tired, achey bodies.
+ had our friends mike and laurel over to our home to play games but just ended up talking, looking at old yearbooks and funny vines.

i just need to say that friday was the first day in a while that neither nicolaus or i had school, homework or work and it was the most perfect time to spend the whole day together. i really loved it. 

+ worked, house chores and homework. this was mostly boring but abigayle did bring me a warm, fresh cinnamon roll in the middle of it which was the greatest thing ever. i officially awarded her best roommate award.
+ went running. i've been out of the running habit for awhile now and am trying to slowly ease back into it. it was a bit difficult with my body being sore from that nasty spill snowboarding, but it got better as my body warmed up.
+ drove up to syracuse to visit nick's family that evening. we even stopped at del taco on our way up and went inside to eat dinner - reminiscent of our first going out to eat date. classy, i know :)
+ lots of good family chatting.

+ went to church, read my book, cuddled frank (the cat), played with camryn (our niece), watched movies, ate delicious home-cooked food, got my hair highlighted (by the world's best mother-in-law) and did absolutely nothing productive. it was a perfectly lazy like every sunday should be. 

hope you had a good week and good luck getting back into the swing of things this monday - i know i'm going to need it!