if you're thinking about going into graphic design, be prepared for your brain to turn into mush.

i officially feel brain fried after this last week. every single one of my classes decided to have a major assignment due this week plus i did all the typesetting for my mom's book plus my friend just launched a website i'm doing marketing for (more about these later because they are projects i'm SO excited about), PLUS the things i like to do to relax/unwind usually involve the computer - like blogging or music video watching.

but now i've hit the point where i want to just lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling for awhile and not think about margins or vector images or thumbnailing or really anything (which is precisely what happened for about twenty minutes yesterday in the photos above when i should have been preparing for the oral presentation i gave today). i don't know if i'm gonna have more time for this sort of mindlessness this weekend but you know what i am making time for...snowboarding.

brighton opens tomorrow and you better believe we are going to be there very first thing. we're shooting for the first chair of the season. and right now, absolutely nothing sounds better than inhaling crisp, fresh air and riding down a mountain with friends and music and ninja suits.

hope you all have a very happy, very relaxing weekend :)