did some much needed relaxing this weekend :)

+ went snowboarding with nicolaus, abigayle, mo and trevor. last year we didn't have the money/time for snowboarding passes so this year we made sure to plan ahead and be able to get them. because snowy winter's without snowboarding are just the worst. and it was so much fun to be back at it. i was a bit terrified i was going to have forgotten how to ride a snowboard but was pleasantly surprised at how naturally it all came back!
+ saw wings of desire with nicolaus at byu's international cinema. i've wanted to see this movie for awhile now and i absolutely loved it. plus sitting there with nicolaus in a nearly empty theater room watching a foreign film and having to read subtitles made me feel like i was in a romantic movie scene or something :)

+ helped my mom throw a bridal shower for one of my very best friends, markell. she's getting married next month and i'm so soo excited for her and her awesome fiance!
+ ate junk food and watched a movie with abigayle while the boys were at work.
+ had some friends over and played games - which involved a lot of laughing late into the night.

+ slept in - something i rarely get to enjoy these days and if you know me, you know i love my sleep.
+ went to church.
+ lounged around with the hub and did some reading.
+ ate dinner and had a good chat with my parents.