i looove thanksgiving. i love all holidays but i really looove thanksgiving. i love the family time, the food time, the movie time. i'm just a big fan of all the lazy togetherness. but i especially love all the good vibes it brings from being grateful. it's the perfect time to reflect and be grateful for all the blessings in our lives.

i'm feeling especially grateful for all the main factors in my life...

+ nicolaus for making me laugh every single day.
+ my family and all the life lessons they teach me.
+ my in-laws for feeling like my second family.
+ the lds church for all the peace and clarity it's brought into my life.
+ school for pushing me to learn and grow more everyday.
+ my body and all the incredible things it does for me.
+ a toasty bed, healthy food and running water.

and also for the little things...

+ herbal tea (specifically vanilla rooibos) for warming my belly.
+ music to match any mood i'm in.
+ yoga and the strength it's building in my body and mind.
+ good books that transport you into different, fascinating worlds.
+ forehead kisses that can turn even the most stressful days around.
+ looking at old photos and reminiscing over memories.
+ and of course, really funny memes that are always a welcome distraction.

hope you all have a wonderful, perfect, spectacular, amazing, dazzling thanksgiving day filled with laughter, food comas and family :)

p.s. is anyone else dying for a good snowfall already? i mean the kind where you wake up and think you apparated straight into narnia...

{all images via moon and trees}