Tuesday, November 26, 2013

utah bucket list.

it recently hit me that i finish school in april and nick has just less than two years left. which means we won't be tied to utah for that much longer. while it is such a beautiful state and has both of our families here, it's not where either of us want to settle down and raise our own family. i've lived here since i was two and want a new adventure. and i think nick just misses the coast too much to always be so far away from it (he was born and raised in southern california). we're not looking to leave utah and never come back but i do really want to take advantage of all the amazing things to do here that i've taken for granted and never bothered to do. hence, the bucket list of things i want to do while i still live in utah:

+ hike mount timpanogos
+ visit the spiral jetty
+ hiking and rock climbing at zion's
+ go to the aquarium
+ visit arches national park

and for any newbies to utah here's a list of things i have done that i highly recommend:

+ attend a movie at the sundance film festival
+ snowboard/ski (out of the resorts i've been to brighton is my favorite)
+ boating at lake powell
+ fly fishing
+ go on the natural rock slide
+ hike to some hot pots
+ mona lake rope swing
+ free outdoor movies at the red butte amphitheater
+ hogle zoo
+ tulip festival at thanksgiving point
+ float down the provo river
+ attend a real salt lake soccer game
+ the clark planetarium
+ laser floyd (a laser show to pink floyd music)
+ timpanogos caves
+ temple square at christmas time
+ alpine slide and coaster
+ drive the alpine loop (preferably in the fall time or on a motorcycle)

p.s. if you know of anything i should add to my list please comment below and let me me know!


  1. Utah really is quite phenomenal. I love this picture as well. I'm happy to say I've done a good majority of these things, but I want to do so much more before I leave one day too!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. oh my goodness. I'm married to a Nick. We're moving to the coast (New York, actually) after we graduate in less than 2 years. We live in Utah, and we have a bucket list just for Utah before we move, because once we move we might not come back. Nick grew up in NORTHERN California. we used to live in Murray and then Sugarhouse, so we've done (almost) everything on your list. I haven't been on this blog for very long, but, I have a feeling we might be similar and we just might become BFFs.

    1. haha whaaaat...that really is TOO crazy! but also kinda great because i just stalked your blog and you're adorable and i am not opposed to becoming bffs. haha but seriously...

  3. also I am a graphic design/photo major. this is weird.

  4. This is a great list :) I remember when I finished university, I had done 8/10 of my list, good luck with yours!

    - Che


  5. The perfect list! I used to live in Utah, so I've done lots of the things you have listed! My husband has never been, however, and we are planning on visiting soon and this list will be perfect thing to use to plan our trip.

    Where are you thinking about loving? Cali?

    1. aw that sounds like you have a fun trip ahead of you! honestly, we have no idea yet..it mostly depends on where we can get jobs. california would be nice but i think anywhere along the coast sounds just lovely :)

  6. seriously, such a good list!!! there are some things on that list i still need to do! i will definitely be referring back to this. and SPIRAL JETTY!! i just went, and it was soooo awesome!

  7. attend a concert at the Velour in Provo.