Monday, December 30, 2013

a sunday walk on the lake.

i'm not the hugest fan of utah lake in the summer. the water is murky and dirty and usually smells like dead carp. but lately i've been seeing photos posted from utah lake and figured i needed to wintertime utah lake a shot. and discovered it really is way better.

the sun was shining, snow sparkling and there was not a person in sight. (thanks to nicolaus the fisherman who knows of secret spots to avoid crowds/paid parking...) it was my first time walking all over a frozen lake before and a lot less scary than i imagined. most of it was covered with crunchy snow and we only found a few slick spots.

it was some of the prettiest, most magical scenery i've ever explored. plus, it so nice to get some crisp, fresh air after spending too many days of winter break stuffed up inside with the flu.


  1. SO AWESOME! This looks like a total blast and the photographs are so fun. :)

  2. These are such great photos!
    :) xx


  3. these pictures are soooo pretty!! i want to go to a frozen lake

  4. Beautiful beautiful pictures! I am not sure I would be able to walk on the frozen lake, sounds scary to me! :) but seeing your result it totally worths it!

  5. Very much enjoy this set of photos! Beautiful background and very peaceful.
    Happy 2014!
    xx. Jillian

  6. you two are adorable and i am catching up on your posts. loving them all. that's all. so many thoughts…so thank you. xoxo