Saturday, December 28, 2013

my best friend's wedding.

you know how every kid's dream is to have your best friend live next door and have a secret tunnel connecting your bedrooms? well i had that. sort of...

i was not the happiest about our move to the other side of town when i was ten years old. i was even less happy to go to a new ward for church where i didn't know anybody. i remember being so terrified that first sunday walking into my primary class. the fear/confusion must have been apparent on my face when two girls (one brunette and one blonde with the most fantastic, poofiest bangs i had ever seen) in the back row yelled over to me and asked me to sit by them. they were so nice to me that it kind of confused me. weren't people supposed to be mean to the new girl?

a few days later those same two girls knocked on my door and asked me if i wanted to go fly a kite with them. i eagerly said yes. we walked down the street to the park and played until the sun set. the brunette, becca, lived down the street from my new house and the blonde, markell, lived right across the street. that kite-flying play date was the first of many to come. we ran up and down that street countless times, tackling adolescence and conquering teenagedom. i don't know how i would have done it without those two, sweet girls.

now we're all grown up and becca is serving an lds mission in japan and markell got married yesterday. she made the most gorgeous bride and the entire day was beautiful. saying goodbye was bittersweet as i was so, so excited for markell and jordy and all their adventures to come, but it hit me right at the end that immediately after their honeymoon they're moving to california and i definitely cried about it to nicolaus the whole car ride home...

markell is just as amazing on the inside as she is on the out. (the perfection is almost annoying right?? if you're self esteem plummeted ever so slightly after seeing these photos of her, you're not alone...haha) but really, she has changed me so much for the better. we have grown up and learned so many life lessons together and i don't know where i would be without her influence.

i am so happy she found such a great guy to marry and i'm so happy for these lovebirds :) congratulations markell and jordy!!!!


  1. This is so sweet!! You, Becca, and Markell are the happiest, nicest, sweetest girls! I'm lucky to know you all and I am so happy for Markelly!

  2. jean and grace are totally gramming. marchell looks PERF.

  3. I love that her dress was her moms! That's so cool. They're such a pretty couple it's sort of unreal

  4. markell was my next door neighbor and visiting teacher this last semester, she is the nicest and gorgeous! i may or may not have made it a point to sit behind her in church so i could stare at her ring...

  5. Markell is a beautiful bride and for your words I guess it will be a very good long distance friend as well! :) Wish the couple the best, that snowy scenery will sure will give them good luck.