this christmas was my very first one ever spent away from my family. 
the first christmas nicolaus and i were married, we spent with my family because my sister's family was in town. and last christmas we spent with my family because we went to australia. and i always thought when the day came that i wasn't with my own family for christmas would be a sad one, but guess what? it wasn't. it really wasn't.
i love nick's family so, so much. they have officially morphed from in-laws into my second family. i just love it. plus being married just means that christmas multiplies. the day school got out, nicolaus and i had our own little christmas. then last sunday we had my family's christmas. christmas eve we had christmas with nick's grandparents and relatives. and christmas day was christmas with his family!
i've always been a big fan of the holiday season, and nowadays it's just full of even more family and togetherness and love than ever before. traditions may evolve and change, which is a scary thought, but in practice it's quite wonderful :)
hope all of my fellow blogger friends had a holly jolly christmas!!