shayla lilian

Monday, December 9, 2013

m.v.m: lies & weekend highlights.

+ snowboarding. some burton reps were up at brighton and since nick is now a "shop kid" (a.k.a. works at milosport - a snowboard/skate shop) we got to test out their brand new gear! we're talking boards/bindings for 2014. or maybe 2015? i forget...i just know i felt really cool because it's so new it technically isn't even available yet. haha and i was not planning on them having me ride anything but they had one girl board that they set up for me and i got to use! plus at the end of the day they gave nick a really nice pair of goggles. for free. they were all so nice and i was overly excited and felt so cool feeling like i was getting v.i.p. treatment. also, i officially decided that snowboarders are the happiest people in the world. i think it's all that fresh air that gives them all sorts of contagious positive energy.
+ christmas tree shopping and decorating. i definitely spent way to much time smelling as many as possible to get the most pungent one...ha it my very first real christmas tree and it's been just as magical as i imagined :) 

+ braved the snow storm and did some christmas shopping with nicolito.
+ birthday party for my cute and insanely talented cousin, michele. we had delicious food, present opening and then i played a lot of super smash brothers with her 16 year old nephews. haha i was basically in heaven. oh, plus we ended the night cozied around the fireplace sipping some herbal sugar cookie tea - it was AMAZING. you should probably go to your nearest sprouts and pick some up for the holidays.

+ missionary farewell brunch for our friend kody.
+ baby blessing and lunch for grayson and brittany's baby boy, everett gray. so fun to see/hang out with so much of nick's california family. they're technically not all related but there are about 5 families from where nick grew up that are so close i feel like they are all family.
+ christmas devotional. so uplifting and full of that christmas spirit i'm so fond of :)


  1. wow! sounds like a nice busy weekend ;)

  2. Your Friday - can I have some? Lol, that day sounds amazing, from the snowboarding to the Christmas shopping - we haven't even put our tree up yet this year (shhhh, don't tell anybody lol). And your Sunday sounds beautiful too, so spiritual and full of love. Awesome weekend!

  3. Ah! I wanna go snowboarding! I've never gone, but I've that's basically the same thing...right?? ;)

    1. oh yeah, i'd say it's even eeeasier! mostly because when i tried wakeboarding i couldn't even stand up...haha