when people ask me what i want to do when i graduate, i think not look at a computer screen for six months and do nothing but sit on a beach with nicolaus. but what i actually say is "work full-time and put nick through school, since he's got a few years left."

then they usually want to know what i want to do with my graphic design degree and i think hang it up on my wall to stare at and wonder if it was worth devoting five years of my life to. instead i say, "i'm not sure yet - just anything in the design field that i can get a job in."

these are totally normal questions to ask and sometimes i wish i had better answers to them. i feel like i need to have a clearer idea of what i want out of a career and be more vigorously looking for a job to start when i graduate. but the problem is, i just feel burnt out. i feel creatively and mentally exhausted.

i want to take time to learn on my own and do projects of my choice - not to please a teacher or a boss but to really discover my own style and aesthetic. i know there is still so much more i want/need to learn about design and i think that's another reason i'm scared to get a real job pertaining to it. i don't feel ready. if i've learned anything in college, it's how much i still don't know. but you have to start somewhere. and then you learn as you go. i think i need to tattoo this on both hands as an everyday reminder.

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