you know it's going to be a good weekend when it starts on monday.
i only had monday classes last week because of thanksgiving break.
and trust me, that was one thing i was exceptionally thankful for.

+ pie party. it was my brother and sister-in-law's 3rd annual pie party competition and mine and nick's pie (milk tart - a south african recipe) WON!! haha which i was obviously really excited about.

+ slept in!
+ banana leaf (curry restaurant) lunch date.
+ yoga.
+ saw catching fire. i loved it. more than the book. i don't think that's ever happened before. but when i read the book it felt a bit repetitive and depressing but the movie was just heart-wrenching in the best kind of way. plus it was visually incredible.

+ snowboarding.
+ cuddled up in bed with the hub and watched dazed and confused (a cult classic) on my laptop.

+ snowboarding.
+ had a big thanksgiving extravaganza at nick's grandma and grandpa's house. i always was pretty sad about not growing up near relatives so now that i have so much of nick's family nearby i just love it. we spent the day eating, cuddling babies, eating, laughing, eating and that was about it. it was perfect :)

+ bought some christmas presents at harmony. the cutest little local shop that i recommend to anyone in the provo area!
+ got my christmas craft on and started decorating.

+ pilates...there is no better way to find out how out of shape you are than to go to a pilates class taught by an insanely ripped 60-year-old woman...haha but seriously. it was kinda embarrassing and i can still barely move...
+ actually did some productive work/homework.
+ sushi date night. aka the best kind of date night.

+ church, lounging and game playing.

this break couldn't have come at a better time - it was sooo nice to have some downtime and i hope all you americans out there also had a wonderful break and good luck getting back into the grind of things!! i know i'll need it :)