i've mentioned before that my mom has written this book, spots, and i've helped her with this project, but now here's the back story:

my family (on both sides - generations back) are south african. my siblings and i were all born there, but my parents decided they wanted to raise their kids in a bit of a safer environment, so we moved to utah when all of us kids were still really young. needless to say, my mom experienced a very different childhood than i did. in fact, very different childhood from anyone i know. and that's what her book is about. 

it's about my mom (judy brummer) and her two best friends, who are african and part of the xhosa tribe, growing up during apartheid south africa. it is full of lovely tales of childhood friendship dealing with culture and race differences/inequalities. it is funny, entertaining and downright heart-wrenching at times. and i promise i'm not just saying that because she's my mom/i helped with some of the editing/designed the cover...

although i did help in the editing process and i read through the manuscript a few times, there was a moment of doubt when we launched the website that i thought "what if nobody likes this book and i only like it because it's stories of my family..." but then the reviews started coming in and people (a wide variety of people at that) have had so many incredible things to say about it! plus i just finished reading it in actual book form, for my "read one book a month for fun" goal, and it really is a great book. i love it and it's a project i'm so proud of!

for more information about the book or if you want to order a hardcover copy check out the website here. and if ebooks are your thing you can order one here.

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