have i mentioned yet that my sister-in-law, abigayle, who's been living with me and nicolaus is getting married?? well she is! to the same boy (mo) who introduced me and nicolaus! when they started dating we would always tease mo and tell him we owed him a wife...haha so it was pretty funny how that all worked out. aaanyways i'm excited for those two lovebirds!
they are getting married in june and abigayle still needed to find bridesmaid dresses and whatnot, so my mother-in-law, danece, other sister-in-laws, kirstine and emma, and niece, camryn all packed into a car last weekend and drove down to vegas and then to scottsdale (in arizona) for some prime shopping. we literally shopped everyday until hanger/exhaustion got the better of us. it was fantastic. we also went to the grand prix on saturday night which was so. cool. all of nick's sister's ride horses so they were able to explain how it all works to me. but whether or not you understand it, those horses are incredible. and sooo pretty.

on sunday, when literally all we did was lay by the pool and watch sooo much snl (there was an extremely long marathon on). it was so much fun to all hang out and spend some real quality girl time snuggling up in a car and beds together :) plus we found some amazingly cute bridesmaid outfits!

and now i am feeling sooo much more refreshed and ready to tackle this last month of school - which is CRAZY. where did time go???

anyways, a huge thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for wimbleys socks! the winner of two pairs of wimbleys no-show socks is julia! congratulations and hope you enjoy!!!