Tuesday, March 11, 2014


one of the first things that nicolaus and i bonded over was music. we had long talks about what music we loved, what music we hated and what music were our guiltiest pleasures. we shared memories and stories over songs and it was a big way that we got to know each other. and i clearly remember the first time nicolaus showed me dr. dog.

one night we were parked in his car outside of my apartment and he asked me if i had ever heard of dr. dog. it was the first time i had said no to that question, so he was really excited to show me them. he put in their cd, stopped talking and turned up the volume. "the breeze" played and it was one of those few songs that pulls you in and in the first five seconds it hooks you in a way that you know you're going to love that song forever. and i swear if our love story were made into a movie, this would have been the moment where i fell madly in love with this boy. ha, because that's really what was happening. after that first song, just when i thought that it couldn't get any better, it did. every single song on their album "fate" is incredible. i still hear it and feel like it's the soundtrack to our early dating days. pluuus they have about a million other albums that are just as good!

so when i saw they were playing in salt lake, i got nicolaus tickets for christmas and we went to their show last weekend. we both love them so much that we were a little worried that it wasn't going to be as good as we wanted it to be. turns out we were worried about NOTHING. they. were. insanely. good. i can't even begin to explain how talented this group of people are. i'll just tell you that nick kept saying "this is the best christmas present ever. this is the best show i've ever been to." and it really was. i still feel giddy just thinking about it. i wish we could just quit real life and follow them around on tour for the rest of our lives...


  1. I love dr dog! & that's a sweet photo! going to shows is the best.

  2. Did they play Shadow People?!?!

    1. yesss they did!!!! and i about died. it was incredible.

    2. That's amazing! That's my favorite song by them :D