nicolaus bought a boat. a cheap, old one that was falling apart. it's the size of our entire back patio, so he - by some miracle - managed to transport it up to his parent's garage to work on it there. we've been spending as much time as possible up there so nick can get it all fixed up before the weather warms up (and decides to stay that way). luckily mo and abby were up there over the weekend, so nicolaus had mo (who is also a man of many hobbies) to help him out. nicolaus is so excited to take it out and fly fish from his very own boat and i have to admit i'm pretty excited to lay out/read on it.

now for confession time: his family and i were giving him a pretty hard time about being so fixated on this boat that is kind of massive and needs a lot of work and nick thinking it was a good idea to take on this project when he's already a really busy person...but how he still somehow manages to have more fun than anyone we know. haha but then i started to feel kinda bad when we got a little too mean and i made nicolaus feel better by telling him that he is just like noah calhoun in the notebook when he fixates on fixing/building a house. because he also has a row boat. and he's also a babe and super manly and good at fixing things. except for he grows a beard. which nick can't do. haha it was all in good fun, but i have taken to calling nicolaus "noah" and i think he secretly likes it :)