i've hit the ground running since my last final. i had about 30 free minutes right afterwards when i blogged about some thoughts going through my head, but it's been pure madness ever since then. good madness, but madness nonetheless.

i've been doing work for a freelance job, almost changing life plans when nick got a job offer in california but then changing them back when we realized it wouldn't be the smartest decision in the long run, going to graduation commencement (saw dieter f. uchtdorf who also spoke at it which was amazing), walking at my department's ceremony (i got to walk with my high school best friend-turned-sister-in-law, grace, which was AWESOME), having a graduation bbq with friends and family, going to two bridal showers in one day (renae and abigayle's), picking up my sister's family at the airport, spending every free minute with my sister's family, graduation dinner part two with more family, hosting a giveaway for thread wallets (don't forget to enter here), games night, helping my sister-in-law with her wedding invitations, getting a massage (a.k.a. 60 minutes of heaven), and trying to figure out plans for california/london/denmark amidst it all. 

i really can't complain because all the busyness has been mostly all fun/celebratory busyness. but i will say that my body/brain has been in shut-down mode since i somehow managed to finish all my finals and all it wants to do is crash and sleep for 3 days straight. but i have to push through and stay productive until we get to california this weekend! then it's going to be all fresh strawberries, sleep and beach :)

but i do want to say just how loved and blessed i have felt this past week. i have such incredible friends and family and have really felt all their love and support lately. reflecting over these last five years, i really don't know where i would be without them. i definitely don't know how i would have finished college without their help! if any of you haven't been bored to death yet with my ramblings and are still reading this, thank you, thank you, thank you. i love you :)