nicolaus and i just got back from spending the last week in denmark!! i think i've slept a total of about five hours in the last fifty hours (more about that in a later post) so as a disclaimer, if nothing in this post makes sense it's because of this fuzzy sleep deprived, jet lagged brain of mine. ha and if you've been following along via instagram, you're probably already sick of seeing my pictures from there, so i should warn you that i'll be playing catch up on this little bloggity blog and making lots of posts with our trip photos in the near future.
aaanyways, our last full day in california was on cinco de mayo, so we made a real fiesta of it! we spent the afternoon at the beach with kerry, austin, cedar (he's that adorable, squishy little babe), jo, whitney, jason and wren. the boys surfed while the girls laid out and enjoyed some sunshine before a real chilly wind blew in and then we mostly just huddled in sweaters. ha and cedar had a lot of fun chasing seagulls with his cute mama and we all had a lot of fun watching a bunch of WHALES and dolphins that came so close to shore! i've never seen whales in the ocean before and it was so cool!!
after the beach, we picked up some carne asada for tacos and went over to jo's house to have a big, delicious mexican dinner. followed up by some hot tubbing and a lot of story sharing and laughing :)