i thought that there would be no way we could do everything on our itinerary with only five days in denmark. but somehow we did! and by the last day we had the free time to just do whatever. so we went to some shops and bought a few souvenirs and some candy to take home. but mostly i just walked around all of their home decor shops drooling over everything. apparently everything pretty for homes that i love on pinterest is danish. haha it was literally like seeing my "home" board come to life. the one downside, however, is how insanely expensive everything is! but at least it made for excellent eye candy...

after the shops, we had a couple hours before dinner, so nicolaus and i decided to walk through the forest to the restaurant we were going to. it was crazy to me that we basically just had to cross the street out of svend's neighborhood and it was like we had been transported into this otherworldly, utopian, fairytale-like narnia...it's really the only way to explain it. between the abundance of greenery, the friendly, long-haired horses, so many massively tall trees and an incredible, still lake i honestly felt like i was in some sort of storybook.

we strolled along for the first little bit, taking photos and stopping to look at everything that caught our fancy and it was like a dream. but about a mile in, the drizzling rain turned into pouring rain, so we hurried along for the next 15 minutes. luckily, i really enjoy a good rainstorm since we don't get too many of them in utah, so it just kinda added a bit of excitement to the experience :) by the time we miraculously found the restaurant which was tucked away in the forest, with these huge windows overlooking the lake, the rain had completely stopped. haha but the damage had been done and we were pretty soaked and muddy. we cleaned up the best we could and sat down with nick's family to a delicious meal of ox, and for dessert, meringue and fruit. have i mentioned yet that i love european food?

it was a lovely evening and a lovely way to end an even lovelier trip :)