we started our fourth day in denmark having a big family brunch with nick's family. it was so awesome to meet so many of his relatives for the first time. even though some of them don't speak english, we got along splendidly. especially with his uncle jens, who just kept smiling and passing me the most delicious pastries i have ever experienced :) the company and food were both incredible and it was probably my favorite thing we did in denmark. 
after all the fresh bread, cheese, eggs, sausages, pastries and watermelon we could handle and everyone was all talked out, we headed over to a viking museum. it was so cool seeing all the viking ships and learning about their history and it really made me want to work on nick's family history. but probably the best part were all the men on the dock walking around in their waders looking like nicolaus look-alikes. haha i swear denmark is just a country full of nicks and niels.
next, we went to a church filled with all the danish royal coffins. sound creepy and a little strange? ha, it definitely was. i had no idea that instead of being buried, their royalty build these elaborate coffins and are placed in this elaborate church. it was a pretty cool but eery thing to walk around an above ground graveyard and learn about the people whose bodies were in each of them. plus every coffin could stand alone as an amazing piece of art!
it was another incredible, full day of meeting new people, trying new foods and seeing new things.