i had SUCH a fun time shooting abigayle and mo's bridals. my inner hopeless romantic was in full swing and i was basically drooling/dying/squealing with delight over all the love and beauty in the air. haha yeahhhh...i wish i was exaggerating...buut they just looked so incredible and we were at such a pretty location and the experience was just magical. plus my crafty mother-in-law is responsible for that insanely beautiful flower crown! i have been swooning over these photos for awhile now, so i'm glad the wedding is over so i can share them all with you now!
also, i would like to officially declare that i want to take pretty pictures of people for the rest of my life. so if you live in utah and need photos taken and you would like me to do it, please email me at shayla.moller@gmail.com and we will work something out. thanks! :)
and if you would like to see even more of their bridals check out my full photo portfolio here.