a few days ago i mentioned that i have exciting (non-pregnant) news...well here it is: i just launched my very own kickstarter project!! i've had the idea for awhile now of making very minimal, stylized portraits of iconic musicians, but wasn't exactly sure how to go about selling them. then with a little help and a lot of encouragement from business-savvy nicolaus, we put together and launched a kickstarter project.
it is pretty terrifying for me to put myself out there as an artist and even scarier to be featured in the kickstarter video (very awkwardly) talking about it, but i'm so happy i have. nothing would make me happier or more grateful if any of you sweet readers checked it out HERE for all the details. and it would be icing on the cake if you have even a dollar to spare to donate towards the funding of getting these prints made and distributed!
please feel free to pin, share, post, tweet and link to this project to help spread the word!! thank you!!!
p.s. and a big thank you to our friend, jake, for dealing with my awkwardness in front of the camera and filming and editing our video :) be sure to check out some of his rad skate videos on vimeo!