mo and abigayle's wedding went off without a hitch. the location was unbelievably beautiful and mo and abby looked so happy and in love all day. there were 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen, made up purely of family and mutual friends, so it was really just felt like an all-day party. it was so, so awesome to be able to hang out with everyone we don't get to see enough. and all in one place! we shed (happy) tears, laughed and did a whole lot of ridiculous dancing.

i brought my camera, but accidentally left it untouched the entire day...oops! ha, but luckily, my sister-in-law, grace, took all of these photos and let me steal them! also, a big shoutout to my friend, kerry, who help my mother-in-law danece with all of the AMAZING flower arrangements! i was drooling all day over that sunflower/mossy hangy thing (pictured above, over the cake) and was beyond impressed that they made it!

the whole shindig was such a success and i am so happy to have mo as a part of the family! congratulations mo and abigayle! :)