i feel like since my graduation trip in may, i've been playing catch up on my blog. and this post is no exception! ha, so two weekends ago, nicolaus and i realized it was already mid-june and we had yet to go on a camping trip. we've had either work or weddings every weekend and just hadn't had a chance to. so saturday afternoon (while nick was still at work) we decided we needed to get away and to go on an impromptu camping trip.

so i bought some provisions, packed up the car and when nick got home at 9:30 we headed up the canyon to find a spot. we drove around for quite a while, enjoying each others company and eventually found the perfect spot up american fork canyon. we set up our tent, started a fire and ended up eating a fancy dinner of hot dogs and chili at about midnight. then sat around our fire chatting up a storm, until it went out.
even though we woke up pretty early the next morning, we both felt more relaxed and refreshed than we had in awhile. there's just something about sleeping in chilly mountain air under the stars that will do that to you.
we made another fire and breakfast, did a little yoga, laid out, then packed up camp and drove down to cascade springs and hiked around for a bit. i don't know how i had never before heard of cascade springs! it was so pretty and magical and made me feel like i was in the hobbit or something great like that. then we drove the long way down the canyon, windows down, music up. even though it was a short trip, just one night away from cellphone service is sometimes all you need :)