my bff since childhood, lauren, recently moved back to provo after galavanting all over the u.s. for the last year. and it's been the best! we're the type of friends that can go for months without seeing or even talking to each other and as soon as we're back together it's like we're giggly eight-year-olds again, getting into all sorts of mischief. i'd say we're more like sisters than friends, really. and we've already made a lot of good memories this summer (like late night hot tub/ping pong sessions and tuesday/thursday hike days and i finally have another regular "ramp tramp" to hang out at the skate park with...haha and yeahhh we probably don't need to talk about that label here..) and i can't wait for what other adventures are in store for us! 
aaanyways, we had a little photoshoot at my home the other day because she needed some shots to apply for a modeling position at brickyard buffalo (#teamlauren) and i secretly openly want to be a photographer. we had such a blast and if you want to check out more of the photos click here. and can we talk about how lauren is just naturally a mega-babe supermodel? if i didn't already love her, i might hate her. haha but seriously...
and on another note, hope everyone had a happy and safe fourth of july weekend! the night of the third, nicolaus and i went to the provo food truck round-up and we finally tried the art city donuts that everyone has been raving about! which somehow managed to surpass every delicious expectation i had! later on, we went to the university avenue parade route, where it is always littered with people camping and hanging out and doing all sorts of things from playing video games to jumping on blow up trampolines. i just rode around on my bike with the boys who were skateboarding and we did some good old-fashioned people-watching and catching up with old friends that we bumped into. 
after a few hours of sleep, nicolaus had to go to work while i was lucky enough to have the day off and i lazed around, reading by our community pool until nick got off work at six. then we went to my parents for a bbq and games, then played some tennis until it got dark and went for a little night dip in our pool and watched some fireworks going off in the valley. then drove up to a lookout point to watch even more fireworks, before going to a church parking lot to light off some of our own. it was a pretty mellow, nice night. the only photos i took of the day were on a not-yet developed disposable camera, but i figured these photos kinda sorta relate to the holiday since they're mostly red, white and blue...right??
p.s. thank you grace for that sweet post featuring my kickstarter project on your blog! :)