these last few weeks have been crazy but exciting. i have fun (non-pregnant) news to share pretty soon, but for now i just want to recap the last few weeks, because they've been good ones. my aunt and cousin, lauren and rebecca, who live in australia, came to visit utah and it was so fun to spend some time with them. rebecca, who is my cousin closest to my age, and i have always gotten along really well. even though we usually go for years between seeing each other, we always just click whenever we do. it's always funny to me to see similarities between my family, even though most of us live on different continents. there's certainly something comforting about it.
anyways, i really loved showing rebecca around utah. she hadn't been here since the 90's, so we had plenty to do and see and eat. we went to flea markets and baby parties and twilight shows (local natives and great) and squaw peak and to the parade of homes...we drank cold-pressed juices and ate fresh waffles and donuts. we went on a shopping date with our moms and lauren spoiled us by buying us the most beautiful "friendship necklaces." pictured above :) it was such a good time and i absolutely love whenever i get to spend time with my family.
and this weekend, nicolaus and i had planned to go on a camping trip with his siblings and in-laws, but it ended up being a bit too rainy and chilly. so we've just spent the weekend at his parent's house, lounging around and hanging out with his family.
i can feel summer slowly slipping away. our long, warm days are about to become a bit chillier and a lot busier. as nice as this summer has been, i actually feel ready to jump into a real routine and am excited for what's to come!