to say this last week has been crazy, feels like an understatement. it has been a whirlwind of new places and faces. it was a week that marked a major life adjustment. a beginning of a new chapter.

remember when i mentioned in my last post that i had some pending good news? well, it's that i got a full-time job as a production designer at skullcandy!!! i'm working on the creative team and my job will mostly cover getting designs ready for web or printing or store displays. and i just happened to start on a hectic week chalk full of deadlines and our team was working late hours everyday to meet them. skullcandy is based up in park city, so i was leaving my house at 7:30 every morning and getting home around 9 every night. nicolaus has also been swamped with the beginning of an 18-credit semester and working part-time at milosport. needless to say, we've basically become strangers this week. ha, but i will say i think it's made us appreciate each other and the time we do spend together a bit more. and i am excited for things to settle down a bit and to to fall into a routine. and now i think i sound like a grandma. haha apparently it took until 23 to actually crave a routine...

anyways, back to the job. so i studied graphic design at byu and graduated in april and have been working part-time at avant8, a full-service marketing agency, over the summer. it was an awesome little company in salt lake and i worked with great people and learned a lot up there. and now the transition from part-time to full-time work has been a little nuts and a little overwhelming. but more than that, it has been incredible. i've been so terrified and so far from my comfort zone, but that's when you grow and learn the most. so i love it. i love all the people i've met and gotten to know a little bit. the team i work on is full of the coolest people and i cannot stop thinking how lucky i feel to be a part of it. i tend to be really shy and awkward when i first meet new people, especially if i don't have a partner in crime of sorts, that i'm being introduced with. but everyone i met has been so nice and welcoming and made me a feel a lot more at ease than i normally would.

also, it was "skull week" up there, which is basically a week full of awesome events and company parties and whatnot. and even though the creative team was too busy to participate in a lot of them, the ones that we did were pretty awesome. my favorite thing was getting to meet the team of athletes (pro surfers, skateboarders, surfers etc.) that are sponsored by skullcandy. it was a pretty cool fangirl moment for me. haha, but really...

plus i feel so inspired and motivated working at a company like skullcandy. their products are incredible and the company goals and aspirations are right alongside the things that i personally love and feel most comfortable with. i just feel like i am going to fit in there. does that even make sense when i type it out? i don't know. but i do know that i feel so lucky to have landed a job that i love right out of school. school was never my favorite thing in the world, but now i'm so happy that i finished it and i earned a degree in something i love and that i actually get to use that degree. and it's a pretty amazing feeling to know that i am capable of supporting me and nicolaus while he gets through school. and i think nick really likes it too...haha he keeps bragging to everyone about me being his sugar mama :)

aaanyways, i feel like i need to stop cheeseballing over my life right now and get to some much needed lounging around in pajamas and watching netflix.

p.s. the title of this post is "school candy" because my south african/australian cousin, rebecca, kept thinking i was saying "school" instead of "skull" when i got the job. haha and we had a good laugh when it all clicked and she realized what my american accent was actually saying and that she had of course heard of skullcandy :)