october is a month of birthdays for me and nicolito. my sister's is on the 3rd, my niece and brother-in-law share the 5th, my mother-in-laws the 9th, my brother's the 11th aaaand...drum roll please...nicolaus himself is on the 13th! the birthday boy turned 25 this year. 25! i think that almost makes him a bonafied adult or something.

needless to say, the first few weeks of october are jam packed with birthday celebrations for us. and it seemed extra busy this year since a few extra special milestones were reached. we surprised my sister in albuquerque for her 30th, had a fancy bday dinner at ruth's chris steakhouse for my mother-in-law who is now 50 (and fabulous!), and i got nicolaus his first brand new surfboard since he was in high school for his 25th! (with the help of nick's awesome boss and a libtech proform. also, spoiling your spouse is just one of the privileges of being a sugar mama ;) but it was so fun seeing his face when he found out he was getting a surfboard and he hasn't been able to stop talking about it and is even more excited about our upcoming trip to australia this christmas!

plus there were a few more bday dinners and a saturday bbq thrown in there somewhere, all of which i failed miserably at taking a single photo for documentations sake..with the exception of this poor-quality iphone photo featuring the most incredible salted caramel trifle desert from communal that our waitress even put a candle in!

ha aaanyways, it's been a fun, busy couple of weeks celebrating a lot of people that i love and feel so blessed to have in my life. i love them all and happy, happy birthday to all the october babies out there!!