Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"i promise the aspen trees will still have yellow leaves"

for nick's birthday date, he got a saturday off work and it was the first day in a long time that we had the whole day to ourselves to do whatever our hearts desired. we started out by visiting our friends, beth and strater, who just had the most beautiful baby boy! he was such a sweet little thing with the world's best/softest head of hair!

then we headed up the canyon, stopping for tony's tacos in heber for lunch, before driving up and over guardsmans pass in an attempt to see all the pretty fall leaves. i have been bugging nick about making said-drive for a few weeks and it kept getting put off, but he assured me that there would still be loads of colorful leaves. it was pretty hilarious just how wrong he was.

a few trees in the valley still looked kinda pretty and nick assured me that it would be even prettier further up the road. as we started getting up there and were surrounded by nothing but death, he remained certain that when we hit the aspens, they would still be full of bright yellow leaves. but literally every single tree was dead and completely barren of any leaves. well that's a lie. there was one tree. one tree with a few, pitiful yellow leaves clinging to it. haha we had a good laugh over it all and still enjoyed the sunshine and mountain air streaming in through our sunroof. plus i think the aspens still looked kinda cool lifeless. 

once we made it out of big cottonwood canyon, we checked out the madewell that recently opened in salt lake, stopped by milosport, then went to dinner at copper onion before seeing the skeleton twins. which was awesome. bill hader and kristen wiig are two of my very favorites. the movie was definitely a bit sadder than i expected, but at the same time just as funny as i wanted it to be.

all in all, it turned out to be a perfectly nice, mellow birthday date with mah 25-year-old man :)


  1. You're so cute!

    Even though the leaves have fallen, it still looks beautiful. I miss those beautiful Utah Mountains!! Can't wait to get back to them.

    1. thanks kenze! and they really are the prettiest, but i can't say i feel too bad for you since i'm drooling over all of your ocean photos ;)

  2. those trees are amazing! great pics ;)

  3. I love this simple birthday date! But how sad that you missed out on all the pretty Fall leaves!!! I've been meaning to get out and take pictures of the Fall leaves here in Seattle but just the other day we had a massive wind storm and now pretty much all the trees are bare. So sad, ha.
    And honestly, could you be any cuter?!
    xo TJ


    1. haha yeah it is a real bummer how that happens! and thanks tj - you are the sweetest!! :)