it's not often that my entire immediate family is together. so when my brother, jean paul, graduated from byu law school last month and everyone was in town for it, my parents wanted family photos to document the occasion. even though, not only am i pregnant, so is my sister!!! she is about two months behind me and i could not be happier about it :) 
and i think we did a pretty good job at disguising our little baby bumps, but it was only after a few meltdowns on my part...haha the first few dresses i tried that matched my mama's navy and white color scheme, did not fit how they used to...luckily, my sweet cousin-in-law steered me towards the j. crew outlet for this navy dress that she wore in her engagement photos and it worked like a charm! and helped me not feel like jaba the hut next to my teeny-tiny-4-inches-shorter-but-7-years-older-sister. not to mention my built-like-a-supermodel-sister-in-law! haha the awkward phase preggo struggle is real, you guys.
but as much of a struggle that this whole adjusting to a growing baby belly has been, i am more and more in awe of women's bodies! we are designed to grow and house little humans. it's incredible. also, i don't know how every blog post lately has turned into a preggo rambling, but i guess it's just what i spend most of my energy thinking/learning about lately...but aaanyways, these people are my family and i love them! and cannot wait for the two new additions this fall!
p.s. the wonderfully talented tracy hill took these for us in my parents' garden.