i am officially 23 weeks preggo! i had high hopes of documenting this growing baby bump weekly, but somehow 9 weeks have come and gone since our last bump shoot...aaaand it had been about that long since i actually did my hair and make-up...ha, sooo a 9 week interval will have to do :) plus i feel like i'm only now emerging from the is-she-pregnant-or-did-she-eat-a-burrito phase and into the she's-definitely-pregnant phase.

anyways, i figured i could do one of those fancy "bumpdate" posts. here it goes:

how far along are you? 23 weeks. i can't believe i'm over halfway! the first half seemed to drag on forever (it felt a lot more like 20 years than 20 weeks) and the last 3 weeks have flown by!

sleep: i've been getting as much as possible while i can! i really love my sleep! i'm usually exhausted by about 9 and try to be asleep by 10. anything later than that and i go into full zombie-mode. it's starting to get harder to get comfortable, and i'm not wanting to spend the money/storage space on one of those massive preggo pillows. so i've just been hugging an extra long pillow we already have, and that helps a ton.

movement: SO MUCH MOVEMENT. baby boy is a real wriggler and in the last few weeks nicolaus and i have both been able to feel him kicking and rolling around. and we think it's the coolest thing ever! it makes all feel so much more real. he's most active at night and in the morning, and we spend time everyday just staring at or feeling my belly moving around. i love it. and am also slightly terrified that he's inherited his dad's energy and i'm never going to have a lazy moment again...haha

symptoms: right around week 20, the nausea/morning sickness started to ease up (warning: tmi ahead). i went from puking 1-3 times a day and feeling nauseous almost 100% of the time, to puking only once a week and the level of nausea went way down for about 2 weeks. and i haven't puked at all the last week! and the only time i really feel nauseous is when i stay up too late or get too hungry. i'm really hoping this sticks to the end, because it has been SO NICE to feel good again! so. nice. and thanks again to anyone who offered advice or comforting words!

looking forward to: getting outside and being more active! with the major turnaround in sickness and the weather warming up, i can't wait for lots of hikes and swimming this summer!