today marks 29 weeks of pregnancy! and oh boy, am i starting to feel pregnant. the belly seems like it just exploded overnight and the growing is not slowing down. it's so strange to constantly feel like i'm walking waddling around with a lead soccer ball under my shirt. and i've officially hit the point where it's gotten extremely difficult to get comfortable. being at our community pool on a cheap floatie we bought at target, has become my happy place. nicolaus and i have been over there every chance we get and it has been the sweetest relief on my tired, achey body.
but a growing belly means a growing baby! and i am so, so grateful for that. the kicks and wriggles are still constant and seem to be getting stronger everyday. i am constantly fluctuating between meltdowns over not being prepared for his arrival and then feeling so anxious that he can't get here soon enough! i feel like there's so much to get done in the next 11 weeks but i also can't wait to see his little face and snuggle him in my arms.
and in non-belly, non-preggo-mood-swing news...we took a day trip up to idaho on sunday! we drove up to mud lake sunday morning to go to a missionary farewell and hang out and bbq with friends from nick's mission. i always love visiting nick's mission and the people from it and it had been far too long since the last time we went. it was a great day spent swapping stories, eating some gooood food, playing with the most adorable hound puppies, and driving along some pretty, scenic routes. it was a lot of driving to do in one day, and we may have gotten pulled over on the way up there (and luckily got off ticket free!) but it was all well worth it :)