+ nicolaus and i recently watched the entire bored to death series and it was so. funny. they are 30 minute episodes and there are only 3 seasons and we were both so bummed when it was over. i think it's actually the first series we have ever actually finished together, because nick isn't much of a tv-watcher. but this show is jason schwartzman, zach galifianakis & ted danson magic. it's not on netflix but you can watch it via amazon prime for free!

+ i was recently featured on this hello society blog post! i've been pinning for them for awhile now and they have been such an awesome company to work with, so i felt pretty cool to be featured on their site :)

+ eva jorgensen of sycamore street press just featured some of my travels on her #sycamoretravels instagram series! which is such a fun series and i would highly recommend checking it out if you haven't seen it yet. and then a cup of jo blog used one of my travel photos for a post of their own! and it was so crazy/cool to see a photo that i just took on my iphone last fall, up on their blog!