how far along are you? 37 weeks!!! i'm apparently measuring at 38 weeks, which doesn't mean baby's going to come early, just that he's going to be a big boy. which is pretty terrifying for my belly that just keeps growing and for my impending labor. but besides that, it's exciting, because i have a soft spot for exceptionally chubby babies.
sleep: same old. still pretty restless and waking up a couple times a night most nights. 
movement: still tons! and baby boy is getting strong! sometimes his kicks and jabs are strong enough to throw me off balance. but watching him roll around in my belly is still one of my favorite pastimes. it's just so surreal that it's our little babe in there. 
symptoms: mostly all the same stuff from last week. i'm still just in awe at my belly's ability to keep growing. ha and am dealing with all the incoordination that comes with it. things that i never thought about twice before have now become difficult-to-impossible tasks. like wearing a seatbelt or picking things up off the ground or putting on pants...
cravings: just anything edible. i mean in n out sounds really good right now, but when doesn't it? i also think i'm going to start incorporating a lot more spicy foods and pineapple into my diet to see if there's any truth to that kickstarting labor... 
looking forward to: finally getting our nursery all set up! nicolaus and his sweet mama just finished painting and we have the carpet cleaners coming, then it will officially be time to get things organized. i can't wait to have somewhere to unpack all of our baby shower gifts and i've never been more excited to start doing/folding laundry!
nicolaus and i have been going non-stop trying to whittle down our to-do-before-baby list and i feel like we are so close to the fun parts of it! plus i think we officially have all the absolute necessities done, and i am slowly but surely starting to feel stress alleviate. ahhh we are in the final stretch and it feels so good :)