nicolaus is a COLLEGE GRADUATE. we've been living the student life since we met, so it is crazy to think that we are officially entering the next chapter of life of full-time jobs and parenthood. does this mean we're almost real adults?? well, the good news is that i can't imagine a better person to move into that stage of life with. (warning: things are about to get real sappy around here) through all the craziness of trying to prep for baby, nicolaus was still able to finish his last semester strongly. and then hit the ground running. 
i feel like this major milestone of his life has been a bit overshadowed by everything else going on, so i just wanted to take a minute to publicly brag about him. because i'm just so, so proud of him. he works so hard and juggles a very heavy load while still managing to make time to have fun. he is the smartest, most capable boy i know and i can't imagine my life without him. i also think he is the funniest person in the world and he makes me laugh harder than anyone. to sum it up, he is my all-around favorite human. and unfortunately, we don't have the time right now to go on any sort of graduation trip to celebrate, but we did manage to squeeze in a celebratory bbq last weekend with some family and friends, which was really nice!
p.s. he also has a serious dislike for posing for photos and usually doesn't stay still long enough for me to take candid ones of him, so it is a big deal that i got these shots. ha, it mostly had to do with the fact that he doesn't want to walk in his graduation ceremony (because he thinks they're boring and it wouldn't be until april), and i told him that was only okay if he would stay still long enough for me to get at least one 'normal' photo of him to document nicolaus the graduate. i originally really wanted to borrow someone's cap and gown, but he wasn't into that idea, and the lighting was so perfect out at antelope island just before i shot some bridals, so i took what i could get and quickly snapped these! and i think we got a few gems that i am going to cherish forever :)