there were a lot of ideas thrown around for a babymoon. originally, we were thinking tropical or somewhere with a spa and a pool at least. but i was too sick in the beginning of pregnancy to go on any sort of trip, and once i was feeling better, our summer had already gotten so busy. i was quickly losing hope that we were going to be able to squeeze in one more getaway before the one-month-before-my-due-date mark. but then we realized we had one weekend free of any plans or obligations and planned a road trip out to fort bragg in northern california. 
we were going to stay with on of nick's friends and they could surf while i lounged on the beach. but as we got closer to the trip, the belly had fully popped with all the discomforts of poor sleep and slow waddling and a 12 hour road trip was seeming a bit ambitious. so we changed our plans yet again! ha, we thought we could stick around a bit closer to home and go camping up in the uintas. and theeeeen we had someone ask if we could dog/house sit for them in park city, over the exact dates we had planned for our babymoon. it didn't take much contemplation to decide it would be really nice to have a warm, comfy bed to retire to and we could just take day trips out to the uintas! plus we would have the cutest pups to hang out with, which makes fishing excursions 100% more fun for me :)
so we were lucky to have it all work out perfectly in the end! our babymoon was the perfect combination of adventuring in the mountains to go hiking waddling and fishing, lounging at a pool and watching a bunch of movies, and even going on a fancy date to the stein erickson brunch and riding the ski lift up at deer valley. it was so, so nice to squeeze in a few mellow, low-key days with just nicolaus and myself before our little family dynamic changes :)