nicolaus and i have had the junkiest, old, secondhand table and chairs since we've been married, so when this set of chairs and table arrived from article, i felt like i had truly arrived as an adult. you may think it would have been getting married, or graduating from college, or having a "real" salary-based job, or having a baby would've done it for me, but no. it was owning these beautiful, functional, high quality pieces of furniture that really did it for me.
haha, but in all honesty, i could go on for days (or i guess, paragraphs) about how in love i am with our new table and chairs from article. but i'll spare you, and only ramble for a minute longer. we've had them for a few weeks, and my heart still pitter patters a little every time i see them in our dining area. i love that getting this new set has motivated us to throw more dinner parties, and i love the memories we've already made around it. :)