a portrait of my family once a month in 2017.
nicolaus: went on a business trip to seattle, and on his night off he saw father john misty (which i'm very jealous i wasn't there for). still the handiest human i know, and managed to swap out a light fixture for me, without any instructions. sacrificed just about every saturday this month, to watch nielsy, so i could take family photos, graduation photos, and prom photos. on our one free saturday, his activity of choice was to go to the sand dunes for the @supertunerusa launch party.
niels: is turning into a little parrot. he's repeating all sorts of words and sounds, and it's adorable. except for when he yells "MIIIINE". ha, i'm not thrilled about that one. he loves doing the 'wind the bobbin up' dance. all treats are called "cooks" (for cookies). gets really excited whenever he sees a bike, and could be pushed around on a tricycle all day. he's getting really good at walking down steps. will wave and yell "HIIII" at strangers, until they wave back. he loooved camping in moab (ha, well i don't know if it counts as camping, since we slept in a van), and he was the only kid of all of our friends that were down there, so he loved all of the attention, and charming all of the adults.
me: spent a weekend with the family at the @aframehaus in heber. helped out at the madewell pop up shop for @mywildbird. house/dog sat in park city. i turned 26! i was spoiled with sleeping in, birthday shopping, family dinner, and gelato. then nick jetted off to seattle, and i drove down to moab with some friends for a wedding. i hate heights, and won't even let nicolaus do donuts when i'm in the car with him, but i faced my fears (aka somehow managed to get peer pressured into it), and drove around the sand dunes in a sand rail car. it was terrifying and thrilling and i loved it. haha, but will also probably never do it again, because my nerves can only take so much.